Life Sciences and Healthcare

We support new and established firms in medical device R&D. While our primary focus is algorithm development, our work interacts with all aspects of medical device design, software and hardware architecture. Thus, we have developed expertise in sensor design, bench-top sensor network design, and full system integration. Our team is incredibly sensitive to regulatory oversight, and thus we emphasize careful documentation and quality assurance processes.

Selected clients:

  • Medtronic Minimed
  • Edwards Lifesciences


Marketing Analytics

DYSCI helps companies with data make money. Digital marketing leverages data driven insight into user behavior to show the right advertisement to the right viewer at the right time. We have helped companies design and built optimized monetization platforms to connect content publishers to the best client (portfolio optimization). This includes real-time ad performance estimation. We are intimately familiar with systems that represent and optimize buy (advertisers) and sell (publisher) side goals. And we have developed methodology to implement CPM (cost per impression) and CPA (cost per action such as a purchase).

Selected clients:

  • Burstly (TestFlight/SkyRocket/FlightPath): Burstly develops solutions for the entire app life-cycle. From beta testing (TestFlight) to monetization (SkyRocket) and user segmentation (FlightPath). DYSCI developed buy and sell-side optimization to automate and streamline Burstly's advertising platform. Our automated bidding systems replaced 100's of human operator hours for publishers, advertisers, and Burstly account managers. Burstly was acquired by Apple (PDF, Wall Street Journal Article).


Factory Automation

We are leveraging our expertise in data analytics to maximize process yield in the factory automation domain. Our clients present us with factory output data from a variety of physical sensors and ask us to detect abnormalities or inefficiencies which can improve their overall process yield.