DYSCI Inc. provides algorithm, software and data analytics consulting services to a diverse range of industries including mobile marketing and medical devices. Our firm is focused on applying statistics and signal processing to large and extra-large volume data so as to enable real-time or near real-time decision-making, portfolio optimization and process control. DYSCI Inc. possesses expertise in using software such as MATLAB, Simulink, Labview, C#, and SQL, and has driven development of algorithms and related products from R&D phase to production. 

Whether you are looking for answers to specific questions, a place to start, or a complete data and algorithm solution, our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your business needs.



DYSCI Inc. is staffed with a team of dedicated, creative, and product-oriented engineers and scientists. Our goal is to deliver high-quality data solutions for your products by applying our extensive knowledge and experience in the field.